Your chance to have your say!

Practice your computer skills whilst filling in this simple online survey: –

Wiltshire Council and its partners are committed to developing and delivering services that reflect the differing needs of local communities. In order to do this effectively, we need to understand what really matters to residents living in Wiltshire.

 Your views about your area really do count, and Wiltshire Council would like to invite you to comment on a range of topics including:

1.       Consumer protection

2.       Community safety

3.       Fire safety

4.       2012 Legacy

5.       Health and wellbeing

6.       Budget planning

Once all the responses have been analysed we will produce a full report. This will be used by the council and our partners, including NHS Wiltshire, Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service and Wilshire Police, to develop policies that meet the needs of local communities. The report will also be publicly available on the council website www.wiltshire.gov.uk.

I hope you are able to spare a few moments to complete our People’s Voice survey. Your comments and input are very important and help us to shape the future of your local area.

Complete the survey by visiting the Consultations page of the Wiltshire Council website or go directly to http://bit.ly/Sbkstj